Thursday, December 27, 2007

Presents revealed

Finally knitting life can get back to normal. Seven homemade gifts and a shawl for me were ready by Christmas Eve. Some have been seen here earlier, but a few were not ready before we left the house last week. Here are a few late entries:

This is a family kit in soft, 100% wool Visjö by Östergötlands ullspinneri. Mother gets wrist warmers in crochet with two colours and loops designed by Maria Gullberg for the Hemslöjden magazine and her new book. Father gets the Henry scarf from Knitty fall 07, but with this yarn I got away with five repeats instead of seven for 20 x 160 cm. The son will be very warm in Katarina Brieditis' wasp design. My own kids have hats in blue and purple and they wore them all last winter. The mother hinted that she liked all the pieces and might be wearing them as a set...

The next picture is from the singing and dancing we did before opening the presents. I'm wearing my new Sea Silk shawl in Sangria red. There will be a better picture, and maybe a pattern, later. (Click the picture to make it bigger)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy, busy

This month has been very hectic, knitwise and otherwise. One birthday party, one knitting party, one Christmas market day... and that was just one weekend. Most of the knitting this time of year is secret as well, so I hope I can reveal all next week. At least five knitted gifts and one in crochet await wrapping at the moment, and the Sea Silk shawl for me is almost done. Back to work.

Have a great Christmas and see you soon!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm in love

Sometimes a pattern just hits you, and this one is a dream come true for me. Go check out Jeanie!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shawl plans

I'm not going to tell you all about may planning of the Sea Silk shawl, but here are at least my conclusions.
  • one skein will have to be enough at this prize
  • make it as large as possible
  • triangular rather than rectangular
  • have some solid parts to show of the yarn
  • the colour isn't right for leaves etc. in the pattern
  • geometrical but not boring
  • easy to memorize and not too slow
And here is the pattern sample (in baby acrylic):

The pattern was found here . The original is rectangular and I spent all of last night making it triangular. I got stuck trying to work from side to side, but that didn't work at all. When the children were in bed my brain started working again and the pattern worked out just perfect from the point and up with only minor modifications. The edges will not look quite like this, but that is easier to fix. Teddy Brown was a good model, but he then passed the shawl on to Barbie who is using it as a turban at the moment. Now I'm ready for SILK!