Friday, July 13, 2007

Time out already

Just a couple of days old, my blog will take a holiday time out. I'm going abroad for ten days to buy more yarn!

One skein

A few weeks ago I went to buy some needles at Garnkorgen and came home with one skein of Fleece Artist merino in Seashore. It´s like golden sand and mother-of-pearl and so soft. I couldn´t keep my hands of it for more than a day and made a little vest for my 5-y-o daughter. It's based on a model in Elsebeth Lavold:Stickat med I-snoddar. I changed the edges and made moss stitch with i-cord bind of. An extra short row along the front made that part of the edge wide enough for some mother-of-pearl buttons. On the back there is a moss stitch heart from an old Sandnes baby pattern that I made for her when she was a baby. It warmed her heart so much that she mostly wears it backwards to get the heart shape over her heart.

The only problem was that I never seemed to run out of yarn. So my sister-in-law will get these wrist warmers as a late birthday present this weekend. And there is still a little bit left... The pattern is in Birgitta Adolfsson: Pulsvärmare.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two end knitting

This is the inside of my new hat. To see the pattern and read more about it, check out this.

Starting with a ba(n)g

Grand opening!
This is a blog about knitting, focused on techniques and traditions. I am Swedish/Icelandic with a strong interest in history. At the same time I love problem solving and discovering new solutions (but they are often old, just new to me). I have been using internet for knitting adventures since 2001. Sometimes I have taken part in discussions, sometimes just looked for inspiration. Now I have a working camera, and it is about time I started blogging!

First item: my first knitted bag!
A favourite among my knitting friends is this bag called Mettes kaffetaske from I listened to their comments and made it 30% bigger, using almost 190g of Kauni from Garnkorgen and needles 5.5mm. I also felted it hard, first in 40, then in 60 degrees C. The measurements before were 35cm across the bottom and 47cm from bottom to under the handle, after felting it is 25x27cm.
I also sewed the handle down well using the same yarn. I love it, and it´s coming with me to Wayne´s Coffee in Sundsvall for our knitting café tonight. It needs a lining too, but that will have to wait.